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About AmazingSeal


Affordable Magnetic Insect Screens For All

We had a simple goal in mind when setting up AmazingSeal Singapore in 2014 — to offer families an affordable choice for magnetic insect screens. Simple, effective and convenient, the magnetic insect screen is the clear choice for anyone looking to keep mosquitoes, insects, lizards and cockroaches out of their homes. With AmazingSeal, we are working hard to ensure that an amazing product like this is made widely accessible so its benefits can be enjoyed by all.

Woman Opening and Closing Windows with Magnetic Insect Screen
Man Opening and Closing Magnetic Insect Screen Aluminium Sliding Door
Fabrication of Magnetic Insect Screens Mosquito Netting


Specialists with over 10 years of industry experience are able to recommend the best insect screen for you.


We believe in doing good and honest work — our insect screen solutions are practical and always of high quality.


We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and processes to help us serve you better.

The mosquito nets provided are almost invisible. I am highly impressed by their professionalism and superb quality. I’m excited to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air without any worries of insects or creepy crawlies. Thank you very much.



Ready for your mosquito-free home?