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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can AmazingSeal’s magnetic insect screens last?

Our magnetic insect screens are fabricated using quality materials. These include nano-coated polypropylene mesh and magnetic strips with 3M™ VHB tape. With proper care and maintenance, the insect screen can last up to 10 years.

Does AmazingSeal provide warranty for the magnetic insect screens?

Yes, our insect screens come with a 2-year warranty for the magnetic strips and adhesive.

Examples of issues covered under warranty:
1. The magnetic strips have lost their magnetism
2. The PVC strips no longer adhere to the magnetic strips

How do I clean the magnetic insect screens?

Our magnetic insect screens can be easily cleaned by wiping the mesh with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. It is advisable to clean the insect screens at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust. This in turn ensures that the insect screens are working at their maximum effectiveness. Find out more on how to clean the insect screens here.

Will the magnetic insect screens affect room ventilation?

The polypropylene mesh used in our insect screens offers good air permeability. Thus, the insect screens only pose a minimal disruption to airflow. You will still be able to enjoy the breeze with our insect screens installed.

Will the magnets used in the insect screens lose their magnetism?

We only use high quality magnetic strips in our insect screens. Under proper care and maintenance, the strips will not lose their magnetism easily. Furthermore, AmazingSeal provides a 2-year warranty for the magnetic strips. If the strips lose their magnetism within 2 years, we will change them for you for free.

The magnetic seal of the insect screens can typically last up to 10 years under proper care.

Will the installation of the magnetic insect screens affect my interior design?

We can customise the colour of the PVC strips, aluminium window frames and sliding door frames to help preserve your home’s aesthetics. Our PVC strips come in 7 colours while powder coating is available for the aluminium window frames and sliding door frames.

Our insect mesh is black, which is the colour that offers the greatest invisibility – both during the day and at night. With various customisations available, you can be assured that the insect screens will blend in perfectly with your interior design.

What type of mesh material is used in the magnetic insect screens?

We use nano-coated polypropylene (PP) mesh with a mesh size of 20×20 for our magnetic insect screens. PP mesh is specially chosen because it offers several advantages over the standard fiberglass mesh. This includes greater strength and durability, better outward visibility and increased resistance against tears and sagging.

Are there additional fees payable for installation?

No, our prices are all-inclusive and includes installation. We also do not charge GST.

Do I have to remove the magnetic insect screen each time I open/close the window?

No, you do not have to completely remove/take down the magnetic insect screen to open/close your window. Our insect screen comes with bottom corner handles which you can use to lift up the screen. Simply lift the screen just enough for you to reach your window handles to open/close your window. Let go of the corner handle to let the insect screen seal back magnetically. The insect screen will not fall off when you lift it from the corner because we have ridged clips on top holding it in place.

Will the magnetic insect screen help to block out sunlight?

Our magnetic insect screen can absorb light and help to reduce harsh sun glare. However, it will not be able to block out sunlight completely.

Is drilling required for the installation of magnetic insect screens?

Drilling is not required for the installation of our magnetic insect screens. 

Is drilling required for the installation of sliding insect screen doors?

Depending on the situation, drilling may be required for the installation of sliding insect screen doors. This is especially so if you are installing sliding screen doors with new tracks.

Are the insect screens pet-proof/cat-proof/dog-proof?

No, our insect screens are not pet-proof and are not meant to be used as pet screens. Pet screens typically use a much thicker mesh material so as to withstand the scratching and damage that may be caused by cats or dogs. 

Do the magnetic insect screens come with clips to keep them in place?

Yes, our magnetic insect screen comes with ridged clips at the top to help keep them in place. The insect screen will not fall off when you lift it up to open/close windows. The clips will also help to keep the insect screen securely in place in the event of strong winds. 

Is there a minimum order amount? 

Yes, there is a minimum order amount of $300.

Can I order the magnetic insect screen for just 1 window? 

It is possible to order the magnetic insect screen for just 1 window, but please note that there is a minimum order amount of $300. In the case that the order amount does not reach $300, we recommend installing the insect screen for more than 1 window.

Is there a showroom that I can visit to look at the insect screen products?

We do not have a showroom for our insect screen products. If you would like to view our products in person, please contact us for a free, non-obligatory onsite consultation. We will conduct a product demonstration for you during the consultation.

Please note that our workshop in Jalan Pemimpin is not open to the public.

Are onsite consultations available on weekends?

Yes, we have slots available for onsite consultations on weekends. However, as the slots on weekends are limited, please do inform us earlier in advance if you would like to schedule for a weekend onsite consultation.

What are the payment terms and payment methods?

We require a 50% upfront deposit payment prior to commencement of insect screen fabrication and the balance is due upon completion of work.

We accept payment via cash, PayNow, electronic bank transfers and cheques.