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Retractable Roller Insect Screen


Retractable Roller Insect Screen

The premium option that offers you even greater convenience. Using the retractable roller insect screen is hassle-free – simply slide it open and close as you wish. The 22 x 22 mesh prevents tiny insects and even dust and dirt from entering your home. Don’t forget about the aesthetics – the electrostatically coated aluminium frame comes in various colours to match your interior decor.

The retractable roller insect screen is especially suitable for the service yard and kitchen. It is manually operated with an easy-to-use rope and pulley system. Only available for windows.

Side Profile of Retractable Roller Insect Screen Installed For HDB Casement Windows
Retractable Roller Insect Screen Installed For HDB Casement Windows

How Does It Work?

  • Heavy duty foam tape is used to affix the retractable roller insect screen to your window frame.
  • Silicone sealant is applied around the aluminium frame to further secure it in place.
  • To use, slide the insect screen open and close using the handle.

All our retractable roller insect screens are made to measure. Installation does not require screws or drilling of existing frames or walls.


Product Features

Polyester Mesh

Our 22×22 polyester mesh keeps out the tiniest of insects but still ensures clear views with its high visibility. Woven using a plain weave for an insect mesh that is extremely strong and durable with impressive versatility.

PVC Coating

PVC coating on our polyester mesh further enhances its strength and durability. The coating also provides a protective layer that is waterproof and resistant to UV rays, corrosion, dirt and chemicals.

Heavy Duty Foam Tape

Heavy duty foam tape has many advantages over mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives. It offers high bonding strength, moisture resistance and has anti-vibration and thermal insulating properties.

Multiple Frame Colours

Our frame comes in white, black, brown, silver, dark grey and green. As these colours are commonly used for window frames, our insect screens can seamlessly blend in with your home decor.

Aluminium Frame

Our aluminium frame is strong yet lightweight, corrosion-resistant and extremely long-lasting.

Magnetic Catch

Magnets located in the frame help to ensure a secure hold when the screen is fully extended.


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